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Summer is a Great Time to Re-evaluate Goals

Photo courtesy YourBeautyAdvisor.com

Photo courtesy YourBeautyAdvisor.com

Don't you just love summer? The kids are outside playing, the weather is nice, the days are longer... You can breathe deeply and relax a little bit.

And after you take that deep breath, take a few minutes to re-evaluate your goals. Wait - what? Why should I be thinking about my goals? It's the middle of summer! you say. Actually, summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate! Think about it:

You are halfway through the year. Have you met your goals? What progress have you made? Are there areas in which you could improve? If you make changes now, you CAN still meet your goals by the end of the year!

One of the ways to meet your business goals is by developing a deeper relationship with your clients. During summer they are focused on vacations, spending time with families, travel, and hosting parties. Perhaps you could help them by:

  • Improving their home's interior spaces so they can host guests more effectively
  • Provide party styling tips to create a memorable occasion
  • If they are traveling, offer advice on purchasing just the right items abroad for their home or office, and how to get them shipped back home safely
  • If they are staying home, how to create a "stay-cation" space that feels refreshing and joyous
  • Advise on home improvement projects, especially garden/patio design or renovations

To reach out to your clients, an electronic mailing list is the best way to keep in touch. Sending a message once per month to your subscribers is an uninvasive, low-investment way to reinforce your brand, provide helpful information, and remind your clients that you are there for them. Providing a summer service could equal a referral or more projects once the kids are back in school.

If you need help in creating or refining a mailing list, generating content, or tying that content back to your social media accounts, get in touch! It's never too late to make a positive change.

Happy Summer!


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Photo courtesy realawkwardmoments.com

Photo courtesy realawkwardmoments.com

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