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Welcome to the online home of J.Davidson Design & Social Media! We make social media easy for interior designers and design industry professionals. Whether you are seeking advice on starting your first social media account, branding and marketing support for your small business, or content creation to drive client interaction, we can help! We specialize in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Pinterest and blogging. Let's be social!

5 reasons why you should hire us instead of using an employee to handle your social media

Employee Cost

Estimated cost of hiring and training a new employee:  $4,000  


With taxes, training, and benefits, you may be paying as much as 2-3x the base salary of the person you hire, annually.

Interns Don't Have Your Interests in Mind

Federal labor law clearly states that the employer is to receive no benefit from an intern’s labor. California labor law more accurately describes interns as “trainees.” The intern comes in with no job skills and no job experience and leaves with both. 

Isn't your business too important to be left to interns and volunteers? Let us look after your branding, social media presence and customer experience, so you can get on with designing for a living!

Industry Knowledge

We're interior designers too! Working in the interior design industry allows us to know your market, your business, and your challenges.

We speak your language. We know memos from tear sheets, CFAs from COMs and we can help you communicate YOUR industry expertise.


Flexibility Is Built-in

We review our work with you regularly, so you can be assured we're meeting your needs and making contact with every possible new client, while maintaining positive relationships with your current clients. 

We can keep pace with the ever-changing world of social media, move quickly, and act responsively.

Satisfaction Guarantee


We're committed to providing the highest quality services for the best value.

If you're not happy, we'll fix it. Simple as that.

So what are you waiting for?      Contact us at j.davidsondesign@gmail.com or 510.213.1222 today!

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